The Rumors of My Death are Highly Exaggerated

Once a week or more, we get a call from someone asking if Bay Partners is still going or if we’re retiring.   The answer is, we are not retiring and Bay is alive and well.  With major exits recently from Guidewire, Eloqua, Buddy Media, Zenprise, TeaLeaf and others, our funds are still growing strong and bringing in one of the top ROIs for our investors in the industry.  Our General Partner Neal Dempsey even made the Forbes Midas list with some of our portfolio liquidity events.  We have more to come too, so stay tuned.

At Bay, we continue to focus on early stage enterprise software companies, and enjoy meeting with entrepreneurs around the world.  We attend events where we can interact with entrepreneurs and learn about new innovations and what technologies might be of interest to us.  There’s still a lot of exciting things happening in Silicon Valley and we plan to be part of that buzz for a long time to come.

Check out our new web site here, which we think will give you some of the latest information about what we’re up to and the kinds of portfolio companies we’re managing these days.  But no matter what technology is hot right now or what the buzz of Silicon Valley is, we remain focused on the same thing that has driven us since our founding – exits.  Whatever that finish line may look like for our portfolio companies – an IPO, acquisition or sustained growth and expansion.  We’re here to guide companies to that finish line and help them live their dreams.

Bay is thriving, and we want your company to thrive too.  We will be posting some guiding principles for entrepreneurs here on our blog, and we want to hear from you too.  Tell us what lessons you’ve learned and we’ll share and compare notes.  Get in touch with us here, or follow our Twitter page @baypartnersnews.  We’re listening.